General Product Warranty Policy

While we take our quality control and production process seriously, we understand the importance of protecting your investment with us. To stand confidently behind the hardware shipped through our facility, our products come attached with a standard warranty. To top it off, we offer to extend your warranty for qualifying products through an online product registration process as well. Before taking advantage of our warranty, please thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions for a valid claim. Feel free to initiate the RMA process by visiting our RMA Request page.


Terms and Conditions


Please note: DS Electronics reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without advance notice. Please check back regularly for updates.

Warranty Terms

  • The warranty policies detailed within this page only apply to DS products purchased within North America (United States and Canada).
  • Warranty claims will be serviced through the repair or replacement of the defective product, with DS Electronics holding sole discretion over the option to repair or replace. Any replacement product will be based on performance equal or greater than the original product, at the discretion of DS Electronics.
  • Products must be purchased as new from DS Electronics or an authorized DS Electronics reseller. Warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the product and cannot be transferred. Products purchased as secondhand or used, or from auction sites, do not carry any warranty.
  • The warranty duration starts from the product’s original date of purchase. A copy of the original receipt must be presented to validate the date of purchase.
  • Products provided as replacements under the RMA service will continue under the original product's warranty at the original start date. The warranty date will not change or reset due to any RMA service performed.
  • DS products received through promotions, contests, giveaways, or sponsorships, are not be covered under warranty. Please contact DS Electronics to resolve any issues or defects with products earned without proof of purchase.
  • DS’s authorized resellers carry a standard policy regarding returns and warranties. So long as such policies cover the product, DS Electronics recommends reaching a resolution with the vendor first before filing a warranty claim with DS Electronics.
  • All products come with a standard warranty, as well as an replacement plan option if selected at purchase. For a summary of the warranty durations, please see the below table:

Product Type


Ultimate Media Center Hardware (1/2/3/Xtreme etc)                                                             

  • Standard Warranty: 1 years  
  • Replacement Plan: 1/2 years total

Ultimate Media Center Software                                                             

  • Standard Warranty: 90 days 
  • Replacement Plan: Not Available


  • Standard Warranty: 1 year   
  • Replacement Plan: Not Available        
  • Total Warranty: 1 year total

An RMA Request must be approved by DS Electronics prior to shipment, with instructions provided upon approval.

Product Conditions


Warranty claims will be void if the user:

  • Tampers, defaces, or removes any stickers containing product identification information such as model number, serial number, or part number.
  • Tampers, defaces, or removes any stickers indicating void warranty if broken.
  • Causes defects through improper usage, failure to comply with operating instructions, inappropriate operating conditions, or unapproved repairs or modifications.
  • Product damage caused by catastrophes, thunder stroke, faulty electric power and environmental factors.
  • Damage caused by operator error or operator fails to comply user manual instruction, such as , but not limited to improper storage resulting in product get wet, corrosion, fell off, squeezed or exposed to inadequate temperature/humid environment.
  • Fails to return the product in the stock factory configuration or remove any aftermarket modifications.
  • Causes defects through accidents, acts of God, acts of nature, negligence, liquid immersion, or improper ventilation.
  • Knowingly and willingly attempt to defraud the validity of a claim.


​Warranty Claims


DS Electronics reserves the right to:

  • Deem the condition of the returned product upon inspection and verification.
  • Collect a service charge and/or shipping fees at the customer’s expense for any product returned in non-defective or improper condition.
  • Hold any product unapproved for return- any returned product must follow the proper RMA procedures as instructed, with shipping fees covered at the customer’s expense prior to releasing and shipping the product back to the sender.
  • Select the method of service as either for repair or replacement- DS Electronics will select and deem suitable replacement products, valued at equal or greater performance.


DS Electronics holds no liability in:

  • Damage to any returned product caused by improper packaging.
  • Damage to any product caused in transit or by improper handling on the shipping carrier.
  • Lost or damaged personal data, and personal accessories or belongings.



  • The customer will cover any shipping and handling costs for 1-way shipping to the designated RMA facility.
  • DS Electronics will not be held liable for any damage caused to any product in transit or by the shipping carrier.
  • DS Electronics will choose the shipping method and carrier, and cover any shipping and handling costs for 1-way shipping back to the customer to complete an authorized RMA.
  • DS Electronics will not ship to any P.O boxes, military addresses (including APO, FPO, MPO, etc.), and destinations outside of the United States or Canada.




If you would like to speak to our DS Electronics Customer Support team directly, please contact them at


Monday - Friday
9:00AM - 6:00PM EST


Manufacture warranty may not apply in all cases, depending on factors such as use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.